Simply Design, Print, Scan & Go!

A new age OMR software that is capable of reading traditional OMR forms and plain paper
OMR sheets with 100 % accuracy.

Design to the core

No need of professional for designing of OMR

Create your own OMR design with the help of in -built designing tools & get them printed through your normal printer.

Speed Up, Read Up

Reading is now a way quick with Verificare.

Verificare processes all scans automatically with 100% accuracy. Read OMR sheets 10 times faster with highest speed of 300 sheets/min


Transform normal scanner to OMR scanner.

Scan OMR forms with any normal scanner like as flatbed / MFP/ ADF scanner. Get yourself independent of heavy and bulky OMR machine.

Get data exported


Transfer data directly to your desired database/format from Verificare automatically. Map your field and save templates of them.

Why Verificare ?

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No need to use designing software for OMR design-

Inbuilt feature of OMR sheet designing tool to create your own OMR sheets such as admission, examination, complex examination forms (IIT pattern) and survey.

Normal printer to print OMR sheets-

You can use any normal, laser jet, color printer and photo copier to print OMR sheets.

Any scanner to scan the OMR sheets-

You can use any scanner flatbed/MFP/ADF to get scans of the OMR sheets.

Speedy and Swift reading of OMR sheets-

Reads data 10 times faster (300 sheets/min) as compare to normal OMR software.

Data accuracy is guaranteed-

100% accurate reading of data is assured from Verificare.

Analysis on forefront-

Verificare comes with Artificial Intelligence which has feature of Anti-cheat detection and Wrong answer key detection.

One Application for scanning and reading-

No need to open different application for scanning and reading of OMR sheets, you can effortlessly scan and read OMR with only one application.